RollerMouse Pro2

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Pain-free Productivity is here, thanks to continued collaboration with top ergonomists and health and safety professionals. RollerMouse eliminates awkward reach, strain, and gripping associated with a traditional mouse or any other computer input device, relieving neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain.


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Product Description

  • You control your cursor by moving the roller bar with
    your fingertips. This eliminates the grip force associated
    with moving and lifting a traditional mouse, reducing
    activity through your carpal tunnel and reducing the risk
    of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).
  • This central pointing device allows you to use either
    hand with ease, spreading the workload across both
    hands. This form of postural variation is a distinct
    ergonomic advantage.
  • You are able to keep your elbows close to your sides
    while using this device, which is an ergonomically
    preferred position.
  • Our risers allow you to achieve the preferred height
    and angle for optimal working comfort.
  • Seven preprogrammed button functions, including “one touch” double click and copy/paste
  • Comfortable wrist rests are constructed with an absorption resistant, easy to clean surface
  • Adjustable resolution settings: 750 / 1250 dpi for demanding precision work such as CAD/CAM and graphics applications

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