The upCentric™ 2L, 2LS and 3L height adjustable tabl

Height adjustable tables are increasing in popularity, but like any growing trend, it can be hard to determine what the best option is. We are here to help make sense of it all and explain why we choose to sell electric height adjustable tables instead of pneumatic or counter balanced tables.

On a pneumatic table, you have to set the tension correctly based on the specific weight that the frame will support. When it is adjusted incorrectly, something that is inevitable over the lifetime of the table’s use for large employers, it can be very difficult to raise and lower. Even if it is adjusted correctly, it still requires some physical exertion to adjust up and down.

The upCentric™ 2L, 2LS and 3L table frames meet the BIFMA standards.

But what do these standards cover when it comes to standing/ height adjustable desks?


BIFMA tests for desk stability and tipping risk. They do not test for electrical safety, which is typically under UL/CSA testing for power supplier and other circuit boards.

upCentric™ frames are listed to the following UL/CSA standards:

UL 962: The Standard for Safety for Household & Commercial Furnishings
CSA C22.2 No.68-9: Motor Operated Appliances (Household & Commercial)

Many people are concerned with the amount of power electric tables use. There are appliances on the market that draw 10 watts or more when in standby mode, which is unacceptable when you consider offices may have hundreds of products all simultaneously running in standby mode. ergoCentric’s upCentric™ height adjustable table uses 0.06 watts of power in standby, with plans to reduce this to 0.0001 watt. This equates to pennies per century, making the environmental impact virtually zero.

Care must be taken to ensure the electric tables you buy draw minimal power when in standby mode. With these issues covered, the choice is clear: electric height adjustable tables are the better solution.

ergoCentric’s is the only company we are aware of that offers an L-shaped electric height adjustable table configuration.  Electric height adjustable tables are the better solution.