How to select the
right chair for you.

An ergonomic task chair is the basis for a comfortable, productive workstation. Contemplate your work tasks, and your body needs when choosing a chair.

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To assist you in identifying the ergoCentric chair
that is right for you, we consider the following:

Select the right chair for you
tCentric Hybrid

Ergonomic chairs to accommodate
your entire workforce

Ergonomic chairs that fit most of your workforce is not enough. Would you expect the same chair to fit both a 6’10”employee as well as a 4’5” employee? Many seating manufacturers build “one-size-fits-all” chairs on the assumption that the same chair will fit most of your workforce. Those who are significantly above or below average in body dimensions are rarely considered and many of them have become accustomed to being uncomfortable.

Your employees come in all shapes and sizes.
So do ergoCentric chairs.

We take a modular approach to manufacturing, dividing each chair into its core parts, and manufacturing each chair only upon receipt of the purchase order. This means we are able to configure thousands of different ergonomic chairs for a variety of bodies, tasks and environments. With many backrest styles, seat sizes, multiple arm and base types and gas lifts, we can ensure a perfect fit for every employee.

Petite Chair

“I’m only five feet tall so my leg length is a challenge when trying to sit in a chair that is built for the average person.”

A 5’1” employee was experiencing lower back pain and back spasms at work, and could not figure out the source of the problem.

An ergoCentric consultant came to her office and performed an ergonomic assessment, determining that the seat pan on her current chair was too long and was contributing to poor posture while she performed her daily duties. The employee was provided with a trial chair with a smaller seat pan, which provided almost immediate relief!

– Colleen C., The DATA Group

“One of the most rewarding cases we have dealt within our careers.”

Following an employee needs assessment performed by the occupational health and safety team at St Mary’s University, it was determined that a new chair would be needed to properly accommodate a university employee who requires a mobility scooter to get around. Vanessa, an ergonomist at LifeMark Physiotherapy came to ergoCentric for recommendations.

The ergonomist and employee worked closely with ergoCentric to build a customized chair to address his health and comfort issues. Now, the employee is so happy with his ergoCentric chair that he can’t wait for Mondays, so he can use his chair and get rid of the pain he often feels at home on the weekends.

Valerie W., Saint Mary’s University

Taller Person

Find the right chair for you.