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Do we only sell ergonomic office chairs?

We sell many ergonomic office products other than ergonomic office chairs. Though ergonomic seating is our specialty, at the ergoCentric Retail Store we carry various ergonomic products designed to make your work environment more comfortable, productive and safe. These products include ergonomic desks and electric height adjustable work stations, adjustable keyboard and monitor supports, and a plethora of different ergonomic accessories for your home and work environments.

Where are our chairs made?

We are proud to say that ergoCentric Seating Systems is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company. Our head office and manufacturing facility are located in Mississauga, Ontario.

Are kneeling chairs bad for your back?

The benefit of a kneeling chair is that it allows you to sit in an open and upright posture. This posture is achieved by the extreme forward slope of the seat pan, and a cushion for your knees to rest on, keeping you from sliding off the seat. The negatives of a kneeling chair are the lack of back and arm support, the pressure placed on the knees and shins, and the difficulty of getting in and out of the chair. Now that office chairs have the option of adjusting to a forward tilted seat angle, we believe that the negatives of using a kneeling chair (which was designed in 1979 and has barely changed since) far out-weigh the benefits.

Is it bad to sit on an exercise ball instead of an office chair?

An exercise ball used as an office chair has some of the same problems as sitting on a kneeling chair; they have no back support, no arm support, and require your postural muscles to work very hard to keep your body upright. At the same time, they do not provide the benefit of an open and upright posture that a kneeling chair does.

How do we custom fit chairs for our customers?

At the ergoCentric Retail Store we have many chairs to choose from, each of which are highly adjustable. We help you choose the chair that is best for you, and then we can make changes to the casters, base, gas lift, seat, back or arms as necessary. As well, we can then add options, such as an adjustable head rest, air lumbar support, swiveling arms and more. Many features and options available at the ergoCentric Retail Store are patented, and are not available on any competitor’s chairs.

Ergonomics 101

What is “ergonomics”?

Ergonomics seeks to fit the job to the person, rather than fit the person to the job, preventing injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Ergonomics is the science of designing products to work with the natural structure and functions of the human body, so that those products may be used to achieve the maximum comfort, safety and productivity.

What makes ergoCentric’s chairs ergonomic? Our office chairs fit the user’s body, as well as the user’s particular workstation and the tasks being performed by that user within their workstation. ergoCentric office chairs are uniquely able to live up to the designation of “ergonomic” because they are fully customizable in order to fit the user in every necessary dimension, and fully adjustable in every way in order to adapt to any workstation or required task. No other office chair manufacturer guarantees 100% fit.

Why is having a custom fitted ergonomic chair so important? An ergonomic chair should support the skeletal structure so that the muscular system doesn’t have to; it should remove stress from muscles and joints so that the body may perform tasks for extended periods of time without stress or exertion. When you sit in a chair that is not the correct size or is adjusted improperly, it is a false sense of support. You think that you are supported for the 8 hour duration that you are sitting, but really you are putting large amounts of stress on parts of the body which are not designed for that amount or duration of stress. In short, sitting in an improper chair adds more physical stress to your body than standing, which is the opposite of what you want while sitting.

The first and most important step in choosing a proper ergonomic chair is knowing what specific features to look for. It is important to choose a chair that functions and fits properly for the person using it, as well as the office environment it is to be used in.

Warranties and Returns

These warranties shall not apply to any product which must be replaced because of normal wear and tear, negligence, abuse or accident or product use other than in accordance with written instructions and warnings.

ergoCentric will repair or replace any product or material covered by this warranty, found to be defective or inferior within the warranted period. This warranty includes the cost of labour. Claims must be made at the store at which the product was purchased. Products or materials for which a claim has been made must be returned to the store. This warranty is reserved for the original owner or user only.

For warranty service on our chairs and tables, please locate the serial number and complete the form at the link below. For all other products, contact the store directly.


Full refund under the following conditions. Limit of one per purchase. Does not apply to dirty, stained or damaged products. Accessories must be in original packaging.

ergoCentric Chairs

Return/Exchange: 90 days




Defects and functional failure of materials for users under 300 lbs. With the following exceptions:

12 years

  • Mechanisms, arms, foam, fabric on tCentric Hybrid chairs

10 years

  • Mechanisms, arms, foam, fabric

5 years

  • Plus Size/Bariatric Stacker seating up to a weight of 350 lbs (10 years for users under 280 lbs)
  • Task Intensive seating for multi-shift users under 280 lbs
  • Bariatric Task Chair up to a weight of 500 lbs (10 years for users under 280 lbs)
  • Vinyl
  • Leather

Saffron/R, ecoCentric Mesh Chairs

  • 280 lbs user capacity

upCentric Adjustable Tables

Return/Exchange: 30 days

10 year warranty

High pressure laminate tabletops

10 year warranty

Frame structure and steel parts

5 year warranty

Motors, wires, and all electronic components

ergoCentric Accessories

Return/Exchange: 30 days
Warranty: 1 year

Contour Rollermouse

Return/Exchange: 30 days
Warranty: 2 years

Chameleon Keyboard Trays

Return/Exchange: 30 days
Warranty: 3 years

IOP Monitor Arms

Return/Exchange: 30 days
Warranty: 10 years

Anti-fatigue Mats

Return/Exchange: 30 days
Warranty: 7 years

human touch massage chairs & zero gravity recliners

Return/Exchange: Warranty only

Warranty: www.humantouchcanada.ca/consumer-warranties.html

How Do I Operate or Assemble My Item

Our instructions, assembly instructions, and user guides:

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